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Newcastle is the hub of the Hunter Valley wine region in New South Wales, located right at the mouth of the Hunter River. It is home to stunning beaches, a rich heritage of Victorian architecture and plenty of live music events for all tastes. There are also lots of places for recreation, hiking and outdoor adventures nearby. Whether you are looking for vibrant city life or a spectacular natural retreat, in Newcastle you will get it all.

The City

While the Newcastle of today is a vibrant city with an upbeat lifestyle and an impressive cityscape, it used to be the biggest penal settlement outside Sydney. There was possibly not a more notorious place of punishment in the whole of Australia than Limeburners’ Bay, located on the inner side of the Stockton peninsula, where convicts were sent to burn oyster shells. Much has changed since the early 19th century, and Newcastle has become the second largest city in New South Wales. It is an elegant and attractive destination full of historic buildings and spectacular nature. Located at the mouth of the Hunter River, Newcastle is one of the busiest coal export ports in the world, but it is also known as the "gateway to the Hunter Valley" wine region. A visit to this region is a must. Your taste-buds will love local wine, chocolate and cheese. The city’s beaches along the Tasman Sea offer plenty of surfing opportunities, ocean baths and adrenaline-filled activities, while the harbour side developments and the city centre are great for shopping, dining and clubbing in scenic surroundings.

Do & See

Surrounded by the beautiful Australian nature, Newcastle offers plenty of things to do and see. Enjoy water sports, relax on the beach or go for a sightseeing tour of the city.


Newcastle has a multicultural mix of restaurants concentrated on Darby and Beaumont streets, as well as on Wharf Road. Everything from Italian to Japanese, Greek or Lebanese can be found there. Smaller eateries are particularly lively on Friday and Saturday nights. Seafood is the city’s specialty as is the accompanying wine from the Hunter Valley region.


Ideally located on Australia's east coast, Newcastle offers both city life and beach life. Whether you want to enjoy an iced coffee on the beach, or a place to rest your legs when exploring the city, Newcastle has a lot to offer for everyone craving for a treat.

Bars & Nightlife

Newcastle has a thriving live music scene, and the city’s student population adds a lot to the nightlife as well. There are plenty of bars to sip a cocktail or two before heading to a nightclub. If you fancy dancing the night away to the wee hours, Newcastle has quite a few clubs to satisfy everyone’s taste.


Newcastle city centre has many different shopping precincts, each with an individual character. Next to a number of shopping malls in the city centre (such as Marktown) you get fashion streets and second hand shops galore. Head over to Hunter Street for some classy dresses, visit the Olive Tree market for handmade crafts or indulge in street food at Adamstown. Newcastle is a paradise for the modern hipster and unassuming local buyer alike.

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