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Kilkenny is a stunning, historic city where the past and present blend seamlessly in an unspoiled setting. It has managed to protect its precious heritage whilst evolving as one of Ireland’s liveliest small cities. Kilkenny boasts narrow alleyways, charming side streets, and well-preserved structures, along with a reputation for exceptional dining, shopping, entertainment, and accommodations.

The City

Kilkenny is famous for many things: its majestic creeper-clad castle; a bustling crafts industry; cobbled lanes and secret passages; 1,000 years of history and vibrant festivals. It’s this magical combination of culture and entertainment that attracts so many people to this captivating heritage city, just 90 minutes south of Dublin. At the heart and soul of medieval Ireland, Kilkenny is famed for its electric atmosphere played out in its maze of narrow Norman alleyways. Twisting and turning around abbeys, cathedrals and crumbling city walls, there’s even an early 13th century castle dropped in the middle of it all. It’s surrounded by beautiful gardens that attract artistic locals, giddy kids and chilled-out tourists on sunny days. And with a bustling crafts scene, arts and comedy festivals, GAA hurling specialists (shout “Go the Cats” and the locals will love you), and wonderful old pubs, it’s pretty much got the whole city break thing covered.

Do & See

Kilkenny – a beautiful and ancient city where history and modernity fuse together on an unspoiled landscape. The ancient medieval city of Kilkenny has protected its precious heritage whilst evolving as one of Ireland’s most vibrant small cities. Its narrow slipways, side streets and preserved buildings, are matched only by its reputation for fine dining, great shopping, entertainment and accommodation.


The passion and personality of Kilkenny's food makers, restauranters, café/bar-owners and retailers shines through. The city offers wonderful discoveries for visitors who love great food as well as warm hospitality.


There are a number of cafés in Kilkenny offering the finest coffees and teas from around the world along with a wide selection of delicious handmade food and sweet cakes to accompany them.

Bars & Nightlife

Kilkenny has no shortage of establishments in which to stop for a pint and a bit of craic. Most pubs provide food during the day and many offer live entertainment at night.


Kilkenny is renowned as a creative hub with a vibrant craft industry. Discover authentic craft created by designer makers all over the county; using the mos tmodern techniques as well as preserving and developing age old methods. From the white furnace of the glassblower, to the traditional throwing wheel of the potter and the hammering of precious metal; each creating unique, functional and decorative pieces.

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