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A small but bustling tropical town blessed by the refreshing waves of the vast Pacific: Corinto is a gateway to a treasure trove of rich natural reserves, mighty volcanoes, fertile lands and centuries of colourful traditions, which are only the beginning of what awaits you in northwestern Nicaragua.


Corinto is located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in the province of Chinandega. Founded in the 19th century, it was a small town of great importance from the beginning thanks to its favourable geographical position. Like the rest of the country, Corinto over the centuries was shaped by a rather tumultuous history involving the Spanish conquest, a brief occupation by the British, and a series of wars and revolutions in the 20th century. This has also contributed to the development of different forms of artistic expression, including primitivista paintings and the UNESCO-protected Güegüense. However, nothing shapes life more in Nicaragua than ubiquitous rainforests, volcanoes — a total of 19 — and vast bodies of water, giving the country the nickname "the land of lakes and volcanoes." Fortunately for visitors to Corinto, the town is a great base for exploring some of the country's most stunning landmarks.

Chinandega & León

With colourful patches of nature reserves, regularly smoking volcanoes and shores washed by the Pacific, northwestern Nicaragua is a place unlike anything else, boasting not only lush nature but also interesting stories of history and culture.


The Pacific coast provides a great base for delicious seafood in Nicaragua, but when visiting local restaurants it's worth keeping an open mind for other specialties — gallo pinto is only the beginning.

Do & See

Corinto may have a modest selection of sights compared to the larger cities of Chinandega and León, but it is nonetheless a great place to spend a pleasant day. Wander the streets as you explore interesting local stories, or enjoy some beach time with flavourful seafood and spectacular sunsets.


From rums to hammocks, Nicaragua is a haven for collectors of good-quality products — and the famous local hospitality ensures that your treasure hunt is also a great social experience.

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