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For several months of the year, Idre is covered in winter snow and ice, which allows visitors to make the most of everything winter has got to offer: from frozen lakes and snow-covered forests to cross-country trails, skiing slopes, and snowmobile trails. During summer, numerous outdoor activities are also possible. In-between adventures, you can recharge your batteries in one of Idre's picturesque restaurants, cafés, and pubs.

The Destination

Idre is a sports venue that is busy for two seasons, summer and winter. It is home to Sweden’s most stunning golf course and the most easily accessible mountains, Städjan and Nipfjället. Idre Fjäll resort has an activity program for the whole family, offering adventures like shooting the rapids, canoeing, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, and much more. Many also come to Idre for fishing in the Storån river or one of the beautiful lakes of the area.

Do & See Winter

Idre has one of the biggest ski resorts in Sweden, which makes it a great place to be if you love winter sports. With over 500 km of cross-country tracks, 2,400 km of snowmobile trails and 40 ski slopes, there is plenty to do here during the cold season.

Do & See Summer

Idre is an ideal destination for summer vacations, offering activities and sights that suit various interests. From leisurely walking in the mountains to fishing or canoeing at a lake, you'll have plenty of options for a fun and active holiday.

Food & Drinks

While in Idre, don't forget to try local delights such as char, trout, reindeer, and other wilderness foods which are served at many local eateries. If you prefer familiar flavours, don't worry because pizza and pub food are largely offered in the area as well.

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