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Luleå is the heart of northern Sweden, offering both the convenience of a large city and the charm of a small town. This city is a true winter wonderland with its sprawling white landscapes. And during the summer, it is a sun-soaked island city that consistently ranks high on sun-drenched destinations. Luleå offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and culture, shopping, entertainment, quality lodgings, and exceptional service.

The City

Luleå was founded in 1621, however, the city's history is considerably older than that. Luleå was originally situated around the medieval church in Gammelstad "Old Town", 9 km inland. The amount of shipping through the harbour in Gammelstad increased during the 17th century, and because of the ongoing land rise, a deeper harbour was required. The city was then moved towards the sea to its present location, Luleå "New Town". The "Old Town" in Gammelstad continued to grow as a church town--today, a popular tourist attraction listed as a World Heritage Site, the Gammelstad Church Town.

Top 10

There are the top 10 things you don´t want to miss when staying in Lulea! Visit the World Heritage site Gammelstad Church Town. Check the sky now and then so you don´t miss the Aurora Borealis show. Discover the diversity of industries at Sweden´s northernmost science center Teknikens hus. Explore the islands in Luleå archipelago and have a walk on the frozen sea and tell your friends you have been walking on water.

Do & See

Plan ahead for your trip to Lulea! Search for upcoming events, museums to visit and other attractions to make the best of your trip. Below are a selection of Do & See in Luleå and its surroundings.


Get a taste of Luleå! The city offers a wide selection of restaurants, and several of them make great use of local produce when cooking. From berries and mushrooms to almond potatoes, fish and reindeer. However, Luleå also caters for those who would rather eat some Thai, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, or Italian food--there is something for everyone's taste here.


Luleå's inhabitants love "fika"--the Swedish tradition of getting together with friends and colleagues over a cup of coffee or tea with a pastry or a piece of cake, usually in the afternoon. So, while in Sweden do as the Swedes do and take some time for "fika" in one of the many cafés we have picked below.

Bars & Nightlife

Try barhopping in Luleå! If you like music and hanging out with friends, there are plenty of places to enjoy yourself. We will guide you through a local bar crawl: We will start at the top of Storgatan at Restaurant CG, with a wide selection of gin and rum-based drinks. How about a Hemingway Mojito? Continuing down Storgatan, at Elite Stadshotellet, you will find The Bishop’s Arms, with Luleå’s largest selection of beer and whisky. Try their own beer, from Luleå’s only microbrewery pub, or participate in one of their beer tastings. Then, we will take a detour down to the North Harbour and Hemmagastronomi where the cocktail bar is open from the afternoon until late at night. In a harbour warehouse further down, you will find Bistron and here you can also treat yourself to a drink if you are visiting the Norrbottensteatern theatre next door. Back on Storgatan again, we will visit Invit Bar X, serving new cocktails and old classics. If you are aiming for the stars, take another detour to Luleå’s only sky bar at Clarion Hotel Sense across the street from Kulturens Hus. Enjoy a good cocktail with a fantastic view of the rooftops and Luleå’s North Harbour. The crawl nears its end as we return to Storgatan, dropping in to Hotell Savoy and Jazzmatsalen. There you can relax with something from the bar whilst listening to your favourite music. As we said, Luleå has something to suit all tastes.


Follow the pedestrian street Storgatan – the main shoppingstreet – and you will understand that the town is small but has a lot to offer. The three large shopping malls, Strand, Shopping and Smedjan all lies along Storgatan together with lots of smaller shops close by. In the city center you´ll find a wide range of fashion, beauty, interior design, toys and electronics, not to mention a variety of restaurants and cafés. The shopping malls also offer a wide range of services such as free WiFi, restrooms, nursing rooms and playingrooms for kids. Further down the pedestrian street is one of the country's best open-air shops, Hägglunds Adventure Shop, with a wide range for those who want to take a trip for an adventure trip or want to test a new activity. For genuine souvenirs and locally produced products, Lapland Heartwork is recommended at Smedjegatan, Biergo opposite Luleå Cathedral and Shop In Lapland in Gammelstads Kyrkstad.

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