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Örebro is an attractive city with well-preserved old areas along the river Svartån. The huge Vasa castle may gather the majority of the attention, but besides the historical side, the city has plenty of new exciting architecture, entertainment venues, shops, and cafes. Within a short distance from the city, natural wonders such as Lake Hjälmaren and Kilsbergen, "De Blå Bergen" (the Blue Mountains), provide great outdoor experiences.

The City

The picturesque town centre, with its cultural heritage, characterises Örebro and is a reminder of the times of Örebro establishment when the medieval traffic through the kingdom crossed the river Svartå. In the 13th century a bridge over Svartån, which was called "Örebron", was built and the nearby town soon developed into a commercial centre. Thanks to its central location in the middle of Svealand, Örebro has often been an eye-catcher through the years. Count Karl, Gustav Vasa’s son, frequently visited Örebro, and in the late 17th century, he transformed the old medieval castle into a grandiose Vasa castle. The site draws many visitors every year, and during the summer, the inner city is full of sidewalk restaurants, many of which are found in the fantastic environment of the neighbourhood around the palace. The river Svartån puts its stamp on Örebro as it winds through the city. Go for a walk along the nature path to the waterfalls and remember to visit the open-air museum of Wadköping and its arts and crafts booths and shops.

Do & See

Örebro is a city full of culture and entertainment, with many family-friendly activities, historical sites and opportunities for exciting daily excursions.


In town, there is a wealth of exquisite restaurants, and you can choose from many different cuisines, each at the top of its game. You will find traditional inns, modern fusion restaurants, small neighbourhood eateries, and classy fine-dining venues.


There are plenty of cosy cafes in Örebro, where you can enjoy the traditional Swedish fika: to take a coffee together with a cinnamon bun, pastry, or cake with friends and family is a common way to hang out in Sweden. So, take a break from the city sightseeing and have a relaxing fika with some good coffee and some delicious sweet treats.

Bars & Nightlife

Örebro’s nightlife offers both major dance floors and small and exciting clubs. Plus, plenty of pubs, sports bars, and traditional venues.


There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Örebro: while the major international brands can been found across the city centre and in the many galleries and shopping malls, for some unique gifts and souvenirs step into the traditional shops in Wadköping or into one of the independent boutiques selling Swedish design and delicatessens.

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