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Cambridge is a city oozing with history and tradition at every turn. The cityscape is dominated by the university, with its 31 colleges and their extensive green gardens, known as the "Backs," spread throughout the city. Throngs of students making their way to class or lounging by the banks of the River Cam, books in hand, as punters lazily float by, enhance the academic feeling of this centuries-old centre of scholarship, along with the numerous fascinating museums and cultural events that take place in the city.

The City

The University of Cambridge is said to have been founded by former students of Oxford University who left after a dispute and settled in the small town of Cambridge, determined to start their own centre of learning. The city and university have both been largely shaped by the rivalry with Oxford, Cambridge boasting arguably the more beautiful setting and the more pleasant campus life. The stunning Gothic architecture of the University's colleges, of which King's, Queen's, Corpus Christi, St. John's and Trinity are perhaps the most breathtaking, are emblematic of the city's design and feel, with vast garden spaces, the riverside Backs, filling the whole city with green vistas and fresh air. Beyond the university buildings, the city centre's narrow winding streets offer the best of a small English city, while maintaining the scholarly vibe that makes Cambridge such a unique and pleasant place to visit.

Do & See

Cambridge has tons of sights and attractions to offer, from the fascinating Gothic architecture to the numerous museums and yearly events and festivals. But perhaps the greatest joy comes to visitors simply by strolling through the beautiful colleges or punting along the River Cam, taking in the sights, the air of scholarship and the lovely student and city life.


Cambridge has a wide range of restaurants to offer its visitors, from simple dining to fine dining and romantic spots, classic British cuisine to the best of international specialties. Cambridge is known for its varied culinary tradition, which includes the College Pudding, Bunt Cream, Oxford Sausage, Celery Baked in Cream and much more.


Cafés are popular along the streets of Cambridge. People love to relax and talk over a cup of coffee and a pastry, and it is not uncommon to find a studious young academic buried under a pile of books in the corner of a cosy cafe. This is definitely an experience one should not miss out on when visiting the city of Cambridge.

Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife in Cambridge is never boring. There are many ways to enjoy the city if you want to have a bit of fun. You can spoil yourself at a top-class bar or dance your shoes off at one of the hot city centre night clubs that play different styles of music every night, often hosting live performances from both local and well-known acts.


Cambridge offers a wide range of shopping centres and areas to splurge on some vacation shopping, from clothes and accessories to home ware, games and art. Books are something of a local specialty, the Cambridge University Press Bookshop being the best place to find the latest findings in all areas of knowledge and research.

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