Coronado, California

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Coronado, California

The “Crown City” was designed with one thought in mind: capitalize on the area’s abundance of sun, sand, and Pacific skies. Coronado, California is an island resort community within San Diego County and champions America’s Best Beach. Over 2 million people venture to the city each year to partake in the glory of a refreshing climate, great hospitality, world-renowned restaurants, chic boutiques, unending cultural events, and endless opportunities for exploring Coronado’s outdoors.

The City

Coronado is living proof of man’s ability to transform arid landscapes into manicured masterpieces. Before the artistic touches of Elisha Babcock and Hampton Story, Coronado was unremarkably flat and without greenery. However in 1886, Babcock and Story purchased the land for $110,000 and set out to build a resort community by the sea. They planted trees, constructed a waterway and power plant, and zoned the area, auctioning off the lots to fund the project. A year later, the first official guests checked in at the $1 million Hotel del Coronado. It is now one of only a few Victorian seaside resorts still erect. Depression settled over Coronado like soot in the 1890s, but it received the attention of sugar tycoon John D. Spreckels—who became sole proprietor of Hotel del Coronado after falling in raptures over “The Del.” Spreckels proceeded to build a mansion on Glorietta Boulevard and established Tent City along the strand to appeal to Coronado’s middle class citizens. Tent City would thrive until 1939. The military’s strong presence at Coronado began with the US Government’s purchase of “North Island” from Spreckels in 1917. The US Army, Marines, and the Navy would now call the Crown City home (which would lead to the first seaplane flight, the first mid-air refueling, and the first non-stop transcontinental flight!). Charles Lindbergh even flew from North Island on the first leg of his New York to Paris flight in 1927. Coronado’s rich history continues today with vibrant developments and effervescent communities up and coming every year.

Do & See

Coronado is famous for its pristine beaches. If you want to do more than lounge by the water all day, there are also museums, a plethora of outdoor activities, and a couple of different theaters hosting live productions. There's always something to do in Coronado!


Coronado restaurants span the casual to the elegant. A variety of choices will please every palate. Find seafood, ethnic choices, and even the best ice cream cone in Southern California!


A wonderful selection of coffees, teas, and pastries grace the Cafes in Coronado. Enjoy dessert after a walk on the beach. Nothing compares to espresso on the bayside.

Bars & Nightlife

The fun doesn't stop in Coronado when the sun sets. Lively evening venues round out a day in the sun. Also look to San Diego for a variety of nightlife options as well.


Browse along Orange Avenue with a wealth of specialty and one-of-a-kind shops, boutiques, antiques and Coronado souvenir. Great shops and boutiques are also available at The Ferry Landing where you can get everything you can imagine in a first class shopping village.

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