Dallas, Texas

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Dallas, Texas

As a metropolitan city of amazing proportions, Dallas is the primary destination for travel and excitement in Texas. Drawing those with an innovative spirit, Dallas possesses an uncanny ability to combine Southern charm with commercial finesse. Its citizens have christened the city “Big D” in a fitting manner, for much like the state in which it resides, Dallas boasts of big style, from the endless entertainment and dining districts of its downtown, to sporting attractions spanning five professional teams.

The City

Founded initially on the prospects of trade in 1841, Dallas has since expanded its commercial identity to one of massive financial and social success. The city has experienced its share of growing pains, nonetheless, all of which have served to increase its historical appeal. As a hub of economic growth during the civil rights movement of the 1950s, the city’s wealthy patrons financed support for integration. As a result, Dallas was saved from the unrest seen in surrounding cities and states. However, the city soon found the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy eviscerating its formerly pristine image. So over the next decade Dallas would work to resume the national stage of interest as it became home to “America’s Team” in the Dallas Cowboys football team, as well as the immensely popular television hit Dallas. Referred to as the “Silicon Prairie,” Dallas finds no shortage of jobs within its high technology centers. It has a booming telecommunications industry, along with droves of other businesses that have made Dallas their headquarters. 19 Fortune 500 companies and over $1 billion cycling from the annual revenues of 13 privately-held companies are among those making Dallas their headquarters. Bohemian imprints of culture and expression from some of its original settlers have remained as an eclectic mix of museums, exhibits, festivals, and not to mention the Dallas Arts District — the largest of its kind in the nation. The warm weather is countered by a soothing breeze that draws citizens and tourists alike to its zoo, aquarium, arboretum, parks, and the Texas State Fair. If nightlife beckons you, there is no shortage of both dancing and comedy clubs, bars, and live music concerts.

Do & See

Whether visiting the art exhibits, catching a game of one of Dallas’ five professional sports teams, or simply taking a stroll through the city's busy streets, there is plenty to do for the visitor to Dallas. Build your personal itinerary from our detailed selection.


There is no shortage of restaurants in the Big D. A selection as big and diverse as the city itself is available, from southwestern Tex-Mex to delicate getaways for a romantic evening. Discover an array of venues that will fit the mood day or night.


Cafes invite individuals to indulge in a demitasse or simply enjoy each other’s company through conversation. Dallas is no stranger to cafes, so here is a consolidated selection of the city’s best.

Bars & Nightlife

Dallas has the unique identity of being one of the largest cities in the South, which affords it a range of nightlife options. From urban dance halls to traditional saloons, chain nightlife establishments to craft beer halls, the Big D has plenty to offer.


Shopping and sunshine abound in Dallas. Malls, galleries, farmers' markets, and shopping districts: all are accessible and in the vicinity of major tourist sights.

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