Dennis Port, Massachusetts

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Dennis Port, Massachusetts

Dennis Port is one of five villages that comprise the town of Dennis in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. For years, Cape Cod has been a place where America's wealthy come to relax during the summer months. The Cape's perfect beaches and the warm waters of Nantucket Sound and Cape Cod Bay provide desirable conditions for sunbathing, fishing, whale watching, surfing, and other activities.

The City

Dennis Port is located an hour and a half from the Massachusetts capital of Boston and is centrally-located in Cape Cod. This little village within the town of Dennis lies along Nantucket Sound, a short ferry ride from the islands of Martha's Vineyards and Nantucket. The town of Dennis is considered part of the “Mid Cape” region along with Barnstable, the Cape's largest town that also gives the name to the county where Cape Cod is located. In itself, Dennis is home to 18 beaches, which are known as some of the best in the USA. The town was first founded in 1639 as part of the town of Yarmouth, until It separated from the latter in 1793. Historically, Dennis has been a seafaring town, with commerce centered around Shiverick Shipyard, which is now marked by a plaque at the historic site. The maritime tradition continues in the Cape, and the waters are filled with fishing and private vessels throughout the year. Also notable in the area are the stately mansions, since many of them had been historic captains' homes. Some of these mansions are still inhabited today, while others have been remodeled and converted into bed and breakfasts–a perfect choice of lodgings for this history enthusiast. Rich in history, yet still filled with modern delights and facilities, Dennis Port is really a destination that everyone would appreciate: it is quickly apparent why tourists have flocked to the Cape for decades and made it a primary vacation spot.

Do & See

The beaches of the Cape Cod region have been touted as some of the best you can find anywhere in the world. Dennis Port's beaches are located on Nantucket Sound, where the warm ocean waters call to swimmers, boaters, and surfers alike. It is also an area that has been known for its artistic community throughout history. In addition to small art galleries interspersed throughout the Cape, visitors will find exhibits and theatrical offerings in Dennis at the Cape Cod Center for the Arts, which houses the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Cape Cinema and the historic Cape Playhouse.


Naturally, you will, and should, find seafood restaurants in abundance in a region completely surrounded with water like the Cape is. In fact, any restaurant that doesn't have a catch of the day probably isn't worth your time. Many restaurants have been family-owned for generations, passing down the recipes that put them on the map. Some restaurants are only open for the summer months so check a restaurant's hours if you are vacationing in the off-season.


There are local bakeries that fill the air with the enticing fragrances of fresh-baked breads and pastries. If you do a bit of searching, you can find quaint little out-of-the-way diners that serve hearty breakfasts. For something familiar, you can find a Dunkin' Donuts, which has several locations throughout the Northeast.

Bars & Nightlife

Socializing is a popular pastime for Cape Cod vacationers. Rub elbows with the rich and famous at one of the oceanfront resorts or golf club bars or mingle with the locals at any number of homey bars in town. Whether you desire a casual, laid-back atmosphere or a more elegant establishment, you will find something to suit your tastes here.


As in every major tourist location, you will find several shops selling souvenirs mixed among the small specialty shops and boutiques. Clothing stores open seasonally to sell swimwear and resort wear. Cape Cod has also become known as a great place to shop for antiques and local art.

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