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Birthplace of the Ford Motor Company, Detroit received its nickname of ‘Motor City’ thanks to its rise as the center of mass production of motor vehicles. The city has thrived despite its somewhat negative reputation in recent times, developing into a dynamic metropolis with heaps to offer visitors. Countless artists and singers have celebrated Motortown for its charm.

The City

Downtown Detroit is home to many of the city's best-known and most-loved attractions, as well as being the central business district and a residential area, where skyscrapers dominate the landscape bordering the Detroit river to the South, the standout feature being the imposing Renaissance Center. Campus Martius Park and Grand Circus Park Historic District (also known as Foxtown, so named for the Fox Theater) are some of the main gathering areas in the city center, both located along Woodward Avenue, the city's main thoroughfare. They boast impressive monuments and buildings, as well as great parks, all surrounded by commerce and residential buildings. Greektown is perhaps the most popular entertainment district, packed with restaurants and interesting venues, including the Greektown Casino Hotel, while Midtown is home to Detroit's Art Center, at the heart of which is the Cultural Center Historic District and the Wayne State University campus. All of these neighborhoods are packed with points of interest, from attractions and parks to dining and nightlife options. Be sure to take the time to explore them all.

Do & See

Within a city with such a deep history and cultural heritage, you can count on being entertained by the myriad of different attractions that the city has to offer; in less than a generation in fact, Detroit has transformed into a global capital of culture and creativity. Discover everything related to automobiles in the city so literally named "Motor City". Visit the Henry Ford museum, the man behind the social revolution of cars, or visit the museum of African American History and be astounded by the vast history of the different cultures that blended perfectly in the cosmopolitan city of Detroit. With its markets and culturally influenced neighborhoods, there is something to do for everyone.


As a melting pot of cultures, Detroit could not offer anything less than an extremely huge variety of restaurants. Whether you are at the market for some traditional American food, or you prefer some Italian, Japanese or Greek, it's all there. With neighborhoods such as Little Italy and Mexicantown, you can expect a huge range of opportunities to let your taste buds enjoy.


Detroit has been reinventing itself in the past few years and it's now become a safe and hip city to live in. As a tourist, you will find that Detroit has everything you may need, from fine dining restaurants to tiny cafes. Cafes, in particular, are various and peculiar - whether you desire a savory dish to satisfy your palate or your sweet tooth is calling, you will be pleased to find your options are plentiful.

Bars & Nightlife

They say that the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about, and Detroit, with its upbeat atmosphere and great vibes, is mentioned in over 100 songs. Celebrated by Kid Rock as the city where parties never end, Detroit certainly does keep up its good name. Although Motor Town has changed its face since the 1980s, it has indeed moved on towards the right direction becoming one of the most vibrant cities in the Midwestern state of Michigan.


Downtown Detroit is the vibrant heart of the city - along with a myriad of restaurants and bars, it also offers plentiful choices for shopping lovers. Browse through the characteristic buildings and take a look around, great shops await for you around every corner. Not far from the center, you may also find over 100 vendors at the Eastern Market, a buzzing gathering for farmers with the freshest seasonal vegetables and fruit. Alternatively, if a high-scale shopping destination is what you're looking for, the suburbs of Detroit house some of the biggest shopping centers in Michigan. Somerset Collection and Great Lakes Crossing are popular for the variety of shops they house and are considered the ultimate shopping destinations. On the outskirts of Detroit one can also find The Village of Rochester Hills, which, although smaller than Downtown Detroit, it is certainly equally interesting.

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