Lake Tahoe, California

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Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is a masterpiece straddling the border between California and Nevada. The basin of glistening waters and palatial mountains was formed out of calamitous volcanic activity roughly a million years ago. Divided into North and South, both parts of equal beauty, Tahoe keeps locals and visitors occupied all year round with ski resorts, warm-weather activities, casinos, reputable nightlife venues, and fantastic food.

The Region

Paint a picture in your mind, sweeping vibrant greens and blues across a canvas of alpine lakes and mountains. It may be inferred that not even the most active of imaginations could conjure something as perfect as Lake Tahoe. Rather than the stuff of dreams, Lake Tahoe is a very real destination with a history that required all 2 million years of its existence to form its beauty. Faulting formed the Lake Tahoe Basin and the Carson Range and Sierra Nevada. During this seismic process, the Basin’s highest peaks were formed: Freel Peak (10,891 feet), Monument Peak (10,067 feet), Dicks Peak (9,974 feet) and Mount Tallac (9,735 feet). Several have since become popular hiking and skiing attractions. The dam on Lake Tahoe’s north side was created from the eruptions of now-extinct Mount Pluto. Amazingly, human activity in the region pales in comparison to the natural activity. The Washoe, a Great Basin Tribe, have occupied the area for the past 6,000 years. They would often spend the winters and spring in the valleys, summer in the Sierra Nevada and autumn in the eastern ranges. The name “Tahoe” derives from a mispronunciation of the Washoe word for “lake.” Non-Native presence was introduced in 1844 by Lt. John C. Frémont during his expedition, forever changing the formerly relatively untouched lands. Following the mining era and development, the areas encircling Lake Tahoe became oriented to tourism. Ski resorts and slopes, golf courses, casinos, restaurants, and countless other attractions were established for locals and visitors. South Lake Tahoe lies on the shore of North America’s largest alpine lake, making way for watersports like boating, fishing, and skiing. There are bike and hiking trails wrapped around the lake, with restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping areas located in the city. At North Lake Tahoe, there are endless panoramas of the Basin—drawing not only vacationers but also the world’s leading scientists and political leaders. A collection of 12 resorts and towns provide a lively array of dining, nightlife and entertainment options.

Do & See

Lake Tahoe's magnificence is not undermined through the seasons of the year. Winter, spring, summer, and fall: there's always something to do and great sites to be seen. Ski and snowboard will entertain you during the colder months, while water ski, hike, and fishing all day long become the main activities as soon as the warmer weather rolls in. With its varied terrains, some of the world's most fantastical natural landscapes are found in Lake Tahoe.


Being near the water, Lake Tahoe has a healthy abundance of seafood that's always fresh. California in general is well-known for its multitudes of pastures and ranches, allowing for Lake Tahoe's restaurants to also have an assortment of organic meats and poultry. The establishments offer to their visitors signature entrees and specialties, ensuring that out-of-town guests are treated, and fed, quite well.


Enjoy warm cups of coffee while cooling off with a lakefront breeze at Lake Tahoe's cafes. Quite a few of the venues have been nationally recognized in publications and television shows. Many have also been consistently voted as favorites by the locals.

Bars & Nightlife

Lake Tahoe is a relatively small area to have many nightclubs. However there are many bars in the district and the outdoor patios boast lakefront views and the finest Californian wines.


Combine beautiful views of the lake and rolling mountains to each venue and shopping in Lake Tahoe becomes something more of perusing a picture book, rather than just another day of shopping. Find plenty of gear for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and more. Chic apparel is available as well.

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