Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

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Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Murrells Inlet channels the charm of South Carolina with undertones of its colonial past and a menagerie of modern vacation amenities. As “The Seafood Capital of South Carolina,” Murrells Inlet welcomes visitors to explore its fishing enterprise. Not only is the seafood widely renowned, but so is the area’s collection of golf courses. But perhaps most spectacularly, Murrells Inlet is a nature lover’s paradise: Spanish moss drapes grand oaks that have stood for centuries, and seabirds glide over the sparkling waters of the Atlantic.

The Inlet

Murrells Inlet is a true fishing village with a tale or two to tell. While not as vocationally active as it once was, it nevertheless retains its connection to the water and the trade that made its name. Across waterfront destinations, eateries, cafes and bars, it is evident that it is award-winning seafood that defines the culinary pleasures of this area. Water sports and excursions exist all over, ensuring that all visitors can indulge in a new experience, and there is a variety of boating and fishing charting services to that end. The half-mile walk along a pristine saltwater marsh ensures no end of choice in activity, sights and beauty that will entice all into enjoying everything this town has to offer. Despite an area of only 7.5 square miles, it is not difficult to see why tourist and population numbers have burgeoned in recent years. Natural attractions, preserves and a wide range of relaxing activities, including a penchant for golf, make this an adaptable location for all those with an interest in the outdoors in whatever form.

Bars and Nightlife

Although a small town, Murrells Inlet and the surrounding region offer a selection of popular local bars and music venues with a colorful night scene, from biker bars to beach gazebos. Attracting a wide diversity of visitors, these relaxed venues are open until late in the evening.

Do & See

A true fishing town, Murrells Inlet offers the chance to feel the authenticity of the town’s legendary vocation. With renovations and population bursts in recent years, there is an ever-increasing number of great opportunities to explore the rich natural environment of the town while getting close to the water that made its name. Perhaps only second to this is the town’s reputation for some of the most popular golf courses in America. If this isn’t for you, then the array of natural hotspots will be of interest to everyone wanting to learn more about this rich area.


You might not be surprised to learn that this is a town that loves its seafood. Each restaurant has its own charm and the diversity of choice ensures that no two experiences are alike. Most establishments offer fresh local seafood in creative recipes and at competitive prices.


As you’d expect with a popular fishing town, cafés are in abundance and often not far away from an outdoor view or an exciting activity. Some of the best offer fresh pastries just meters away from sandy beaches.


With its distinctive cultural identity, Murrells Inlet has great stores focused on showcasing local artists and sculptures that, for the visiting guest, might just make the perfect memento or gift.

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