Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville, Tennessee

The grind and glam of Nashville, Tennessee was well-earned. After all, it's known nationally and even worldwide as the "Music City." Serving home to the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and many major record labels, Nashville may trace the moniker back to 1874, when a performance by the Fisk Jubilee Singers for Queen Victoria of England earned her instant admiration and statement: "These young people must surely come from a musical city."

The City

Nashville was founded in 1779 and now is the second largest city in Tennessee after Memphis. It is a great riverfront city located on the Cumberland River in the north-central part of the state. Nashville is known as a center of the music industry, it is even called the "Music City" and has long been a cultural epicenter of the South. As the "capital of country music", Nashville has become a major music recording and production hotspot. When in Nashville, you will be meet by friendly people and experience a vibrant student community since the city is home to numerous colleges and universities. Nashville has many attractions to keep you busy, from Country Music Hall of Fame and the admired Grand Ole Opry House to Johnny Cash Museum, historic buildings and sport events. The city also offers a hip, ever-growing art scene with a variety of art museums, galleries, and performing arts institutions. Safety-minded travelers will be please to know that World Travel & Tourism Council has named Nashville a Safe Travels destination, so y'all can feel comfortable strolling around downtown. With its fascinating mix of musical, historical and cultural flavors, Nashville is certainly a city for all seasons and styles.

Top 11

Nashville is a fantastic destination for a weekend getaway. Make sure to wear some comfy shoes to see all the attractions and later dance the night away in the Honky Tonks of The District and Broadway. Load up on country music trivia by visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Grand Ole Opry and finally take a few Instagram pics at the Walk of Fame Park. Here are the top 11 things that you simply must check out in the Music City:

Bars and Nightlife

No visit to Nashville would be complete without a night in The District — a 20-block area that serves as Nashville's nightlife epicenter. Many of Nashville’s famous nightspots are found on Broadway between 1st and 5th avenues. This strip is better known as the Honky Tonk Row. For the uninitiated, a Honky Tonk is an establishment that has at least one live music stage, cold drinks and a party that lasts all day every day. The more introverted types might like to sip on a craft cocktail at a rooftop bar. There’s no wrong way to spend your Nashville nights. Nashville is trendy but casual, so don't go overboard unless you are feeling it. Wear a pair of jeans, your favourite flannel or plaid shirt, some boots (not cowboy boots. come on!), a neutral hat, a broken-in leather jacket, and a dress that makes you feel good.

Do & See

From musical attractions like the Johnny Cash Museum and Country Music Hall of Fame to professional sporting events including historical properties and gorgeous feats of nature, Nashville is bound to impress. A city not only creative in music but also have a countless art galleries, up-and-coming fashion scene, historic landmarks and a great food scene — there’s never a shortage of inspiring things to do. Here are some highlights of Nashville:


The creative spirit of Nashville is reflected not only in it's music, but also on beautiful symphonies it crafts for your taste buds. The vibrant and flavourful cuisine of Tennessee stems from decades of Southern cooking entertwined with the influence of immigrants from the far reaches of the globe. Naturally, the region is known as the birthplace of Nashville hot chicken. Fried to a crunchy golden crisp, doused in fiery spices ranging from mild to "clucking hot", served on a bed of soft white bread with a pickle — you'll keep coming back for more. Tennessee is known for its low-and-slow barbecue culture, and Nashville is happy to offer you a taste. It’s easy to find biscuits and barbecue by the bucket-full in the many barbecue restaurants. Cheap, delicious and satisfying eats are found on every street in the Music City, and, with no shortage of music, Nashville is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Discover the spots that make Nashville the culinary destination it is today:


Every fan of country music has heard of the Bluebird cafe — Nashville's iconic and sacred performance space for singer and songwriters. Being young and hip, Nashville has quickly developed a robust network of third wave coffee joints, with artisanal espresso drinks, trendy specialty coffees and fragrant roasteries. Many cafes are going with the flow of modern life and accommodate laptop warriors, giving them fast internet, outlets and elbow room. But most of all, cafes are cozy feel-good spaces for you to connect with friends and strangers, building a community of like-minded people. Be sure to check out our favourite cafes in Nashville:


If shopping is your thing, you're in luck — Nashville has incredible shops and trendy shopping districts, shopping malls and fashion boutiques. You can easily spend a whole day at the big open-air malls and find basically everything you need. If you are looking for that unique item to bring back home, head over to the Music City Marketplace (located in the Regions Building) where you will find hand-selected products from local artisan boutiques and craftsmen. And of course when in Nashville, one visit to a record store is a must. Head over to the Nashville's Lower Broadway, known as the Honky Tonk Highway, where some of the best shopping is to be found. The shops offer everything from home furnishings and local artisan merchandise to books, apparel, gifts and boots. It is also here The Johnny Cash Museum is located where the museum shop keeps everything from records, CDs, souvenirs to Johnny Cash merchandise.

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