Williamsburg, Virginia

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Williamsburg, Virginia

Historic pride and natural beauty - Williamsburg seems to have the best of both as millions of travelers visit the city every year for its timeless attractions and verdant landscapes. Colonial buildings, museums, hotels and taverns are favorites of locals and vacationers alike, with Revolutionary reenactments and interpretations spanning the hillsides and battlefields. Take to the waters with Old World schooners, sailing with the Virginian breezes that were once navigated by legendary figures like George Washington and John Smith.

The City

Williamsburg most certainly takes after the majesty of its state in Virginia, with lush forests, sprawling fields, and rolling rivers. Even more spectacular is the history that accompanies the lands: extending as far back as four centuries, it would seem Williamsburg was always meant to be. Powhatan Indians had made the area their home long before Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean to land on the east coast. The arrival of the British occurred in 1607 when English explorers claimed the township of Jamestown, which would become Williamsburg. English settlements would sprout along the Virginian peninsula for the next thirty years. The city was a flagship for America’s first hospital dedicated to the treatment of mental illnesses in 1773, and General George Washington chose to amass the Continental Army here in 1781. Aside from being a strategic location for the Revolutionary War, Williamsburg also rose as a region for higher learning. The College of William & Mary, founded in 1693, educated individuals of historic prominence: Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, and James Monroe are just several political leaders who strolled through its halls. Williamsburg is now known around the world for its stellar preservation of the aforementioned history and landmarks. Imperative pieces of American and Colonial history reside in the city, and people are welcomed year-round for its exploration.

Do & See

Williamsburg's attractions are dressed in the historic appeal of revolutionary and colonial times. Many of the original buildings of the era are still intact and restored for people to explore. Adventure parks are also popular, along with nature parks and trails.


While seafood is indeed a Virginian specialty, visitors can still easily find a variety of different restaurants and cuisines while in Williamsburg. Much of the produce and food is regionally-sourced, so guests may often rest assured that each meal is homegrown. Many restaurants also offer vegetarian dishes, so there's something for every palate in Williamsburg.


Williamsburg has a pleasantly diverse array of cafés. There are traditional coffee houses with upbeat charm, Southern comfort diners, pizzerias, cheese shops, delicious bakeries, and even chocolate cafés.

Bars & Nightlife

Indulge in fine wines, tavern drafts, neighborhood cocktails, and more in Williamsburg. While not a haven for nightclubs, Williamsburg's extensive and classy bar scene will surely impress. Some venues are located around the area in surrounding towns like Newport News and Yorktown.


Williamsburg truly has it all: specialty apparel, jewelry, shoes, antiques, candles, and even toy shops can be found here, along with larger outlet malls. Venture to the picturesque New Town community for a day of shopping and dining, or make your way to Master Craftsmen for accessories handmade from precious metals found in America.

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