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7 Day Transylvania Explorer

7 Day Transylvania Explorer
Discover the natural beauty of Romania, a country closed behind the “the Iron Curtain” and almost isolated from the rest of the world by the tough communist regime that ruled the country for over 40 years. Situated in the Eastern Europe and often compared with “Latin island in a Slav sea”, Romania has many genuine treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Start your tour with a tour of Bucharest and visit Parliament Palace, the second largest building in the world after Pentagon, built by 20.000 workers and 700 architects, Cotroceni Palace the former royal residence of King Ferdinand II and discover the traditional Romanian village with old houses, churches water and wind mills. Enjoy a walk along the main boulevards and squares of Romanian capital and feel the hospitality of Romanian people. Continue your tour with Sinaia town, situated between mountains and visit Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, a masterpiece of German new Renaissance architecture. Cross the mountains into Transylvania and visit Dracula’s Castle, a fortified medieval castle built in 1377 on the top of the rock. Discover Transylvania with Brasov, a medieval city founded by Saxons. Continue your tour with Sighisoara, Dracula birth place a lively European medieval town with old functional and well-preserved edifices. Visit Sibiu, officially recognized as the European Capital of Culture in 2007 with Brukental Museum, the oldest museum in Romania (1817) that gathers 14.000 exhibits.

06/28/2023 through 12/22/2024
01/01/2012 through 12/31/2024

Day 1 Bucharest To Welcome
Day 2 Bucharest
Day 3 Bucharest To Brasov
Day 4 Brasov To Sighisoara
Day 5 Sighisoara To Sibiu
Day 6 Sibiu To Bucharest
Day 7 Bucharest

01/01/12 - 12/31/24

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