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Far East & Alaska

Far East & Alaska
Vancouver to Hong Kong

Combine Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage for an epic 37-day cruise spanning the Pacific. Overnight stays in six ports let you explore fully.

Combine North Pacific Passage and Far Eastern Horizons for an epic 37-day cruise. From imperial treasures to the magnificent beauty of Alaska, you will accompany locals as they reveal what they love most about the varied places they call home. A crossing of the historic Pacific links these diverse cultures, and overnight stays in six ports let you explore fully and take in the nuances and complexities of the North Pacific..

06/30/2023 through 09/11/2024
06/30/2023 through 10/17/2024

Day 1 Vancouver, British Columbia
Day 2 Scenic Sailing: The Inside Passage
Day 3 Ketchikan
Day 4 Sitka
Day 5 Scenic Sailing: Glacier Bay
Day 6 Scenic Sailing: Yakutat Bay
Day 7 Valdez
Day 8 Seward
Day 9 Kodiak
Day 10 Scenic Sailing: Gulf of Alaska
Day 11 Dutch Harbor
Day 12 Sail the Bering Sea
Day 13 Cross the International Date Line
Day 14 Sail the North Pacific Ocean
Day 15 Sail the North Pacific Ocean
Day 16 Sail the North Pacific Ocean
Day 17 Sail the Okhotsk Sea
Day 18 Sail the Okhotsk Sea
Day 19 Sapporo (Otaru)
Day 20 Sapporo (Otaru)
Day 21 Scenic Sailing: Tsugaru Strait
Day 22 Tokyo
Day 23 Tokyo
Day 24 Tokyo
Day 25 Shimizu
Day 26 Shimizu
Day 27 Osaka
Day 28 Hiroshima
Day 29 Hiroshima
Day 30 Beppu
Day 31 Kagoshima
Day 32 Nagasaki
Day 33 Sail the East China Sea
Day 34 Taipei
Day 35 Sail the East China Sea
Day 36 Hong Kong
Day 37 Hong Kong


Sapporo, (säp-pô´rô) city (1990 pop. 1,671,765), capital of Hokkaido prefecture, SW Hokkaido, Japan. One of Japan’s most rapidly growing urban centers, Sapporo is famous for its annual snow festival. It was the site of the 1972 winter Olympics. Food processing, lumbering, woodworking, and printing are the major industries.

09/17/23 - 10/23/23

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09/17/23 - 10/23/23

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09/11/24 - 10/17/24

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  • Suite$38999.00
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